December 7, 2015

Fab Fave: Patti Pie

I know last week's FAB FAVE was all about making healthy choices during the holidays, but when you have a chance to eat America's hottest dessert, you don't turn it down. Yes, I got a chance to taste Pattie Labelle's Sweet Potato Pie aka Patti Pie!

This pie was made famous by YouTuber, James Wright. If you haven't watched his hilarious tribute to Patti Labelle and her pie, do yourself a favor and watch . . . NOW! Because of this, Miss Patti sold like a bajillion pies in one weekend, causing the sought after pie to be sold out nationwide (right before Thanksgiving). However, Ms. Patti and Walmart promised to have pies available for Christmas. I was able to get my hands on two; I got a review for you.

This pie is GOOD! I've had some good sweet potato pie before, this one can go right up there with tasty treats. Of course, it's not better than my mother (professional cook) pie, but if you EVER have a hankering for a pie that tastes 98% homemade, this is the pie for you. Why is it so good? I love the CREAMY consistency and the combo of spices. Nutmeg is really running the show in this pie. It tastes great right out the box and I'm sure it'd taste better warmed up (but I can never get to the warm up process).

So, if you get your hands on a Patti Pie, taste a slice. It's really a great product.

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