February 3, 2016

#FabHistoryMonth: Brandy, Singer/Actress

Brandy is one of my favorite singers. I've featured her numerous times on the blog. I have all her albums and I've met her (we had a long convo kissed me on the cheek so basically we are best friends). Anyway, Brandy is today's #FabHistoryMonth spotlight as she is the first to do many things as a black woman in her line of work. Check it out:

  • First black singer to get a Covergirl contract. 
  • First black woman to perform the role of Cinderella in a modern production. 
  • First black singer to have her own BARBIE!
  • Only performer to win every category she's been nominated in at the Billboard Music Awards
  • RIAA diamond and platinum certified. 

Brandy has it going on! 

Let's celebrate our cultural Heros! Who would you select for your own #FabHistoryMonth? Let me know in the comments section. 
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