February 8, 2016

#MALESTYLE: Classic Prep

MALE STYLE: Classic Prep

FINALLY! FINALLY! Finally, Polyvore has given us the liberty to create men's style sets! I was so happy to see this update. Then, I went to design my first men's set. WHOO! It was kinda difficult, working with men's clothes was a bit different. However, adding pops of pattern blending and texture mixing I came up with a cool concept.

So, every Monday, I'll post my #MALESTYLE Monday look for the guy in your life. Classic, prep, athletic, or artistic, what style do you like on your guy? Let me know what you like in the comments section.

Shopping details below:

Men's jeans
$185 - harryrosen.com

Burberry men s jacket

Joe's men's boots

FOSSIL men s watch

BLACK BROWN 1826 men s scarve

Uniqlo men s belt
$36 - uniqlo.com

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