February 10, 2016

MY STYLE: Love me like XO . . .

"We don't have forever 
Baby daylight's wasting 
You better kiss me 
Before our time is run out" - XO, Beyonce
This time last year I was sharing texts messages and Facetime appointments with my boyfriend. Now, deceased, Drew was the first guy I celebrated Valentine's Day with. We didn't get a chance to see each other, in person, on the actual day because Drew was sick. I didn't know but what we thought was a random stomach bug, would be the beginning of a span of illnesses that would cause him to pass away. Needless to say, this Valentine's Day will be bittersweet.

"Baby love me lights out 
Baby love me lights out 
You can turn my lights out"
This year, I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day the best way possible, by dressing up, hanging with friends, and decidedly feeling great. For the past two weeks I've had fleeting thoughts of last year's Valentine's Day. Drew surprised me with a delivery of tulips (one of my fave flowers) and chocolates delivered to my door. I don't expect any surprise deliveries, so I'll celebrate the day of love by surprising a friend or two with something special. Because that's what LOVE is all about.

Dress: Rebdolls, Booties: Nordstrom Rack
So let's get into this year's look! I'm currently having a LOVE AFFAIR with the online retailer, Rebdolls! Their plus-size looks, endless selections, and great price-points will have you emptying your wallet. This is my second dress from Rebdolls, and I'll be purchasing again!

"You're all that I see
Give me everything
Baby love me lights out"
On this Valentine's Day, if you are single, I urge you not to mope around. Have some fun! Buy some balloons, call your girls, take funny pictures, and eat lots of chocolate. If I can get through this tough day with a smile on my face, I KNOW you can too!
Releasing love into the universe! Just for YOU!

What will you do this Valentine's Day? Let me know in the comments section!
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