April 14, 2016

TRENDING: Beyonce's Ivy Park ain't for everyBODY

As we patiently wait, in Formation, for Beyonce's latest album to drop, she did give us a golden nugget of goodness - a clothing line. I'm sure you've seen the viral commercial where Beyonce talks about losing weight after her pregnancy by going back to what she knew. She went back to the park. It's an ideology of not just losing weight, but being active the old-school way. She named her active wear line (a collaboration with Top Shop) Ivy Park. It's now available in Nordstrom and you can have a piece of Bey's essence for yourself.

But . . . it ain't for everyBODY . . .

As Nordstrom sent me a reminder of the availability of Beyonce's athletic line, I was supper giddy. Granted, I knew every piece wouldn't fit the plus-size lady, but I did expect a couple of pieces to hit the spot. Sadly, Ivy Park only goes to an American size 14 (there are some size 16 pieces). There's a couple of baggy/loose designed pieces in the bunch, but overall, this is a slender girl's athletic line.

And I get it, sorta. Everything ain't for everybody. Every clothing line isn't made for plus-size consumers. In the fashion world, giving people sizes above an American size 10 is being MORE than generous. Yes, sounds crazy seeing as the national average is a Size 12 - 'tis the crazy world we call fashion. BUT, Ivy Park was marketed for everyone to "get back to the Park". Get back to being the best version of yourself and get back to caring about your body. I just thought, the plus-size girls could get a piece of the Ivy too.

So, I guess I'm happy that Beyonce gave us a cute athletic line. I'm happy that she made it fashionable and and surprisingly affordable. I'm glad that a black woman is inspiring people to work-out and be healthy. I just wish it was a couple sizes bigger.

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