June 21, 2016

MY LIFE: I tried the Starbucks #PinkDrink!

So, I was scrolling through the social media streets and saw that all the girls were going crazy about this 'secret menu' drink from Starbucks called, The Pink Drink. I had to try it!

Now, Starbucks has other pink drinks on the menu like the OG fave strawberry frapaccino but this is not a frapaccino! What IS the pink drink? Well it's Starbucks strawberry acai tea made with coconut milk instead of water. To top I off, Starbucks uses dried strawberries in your drink that magically swell to release an intensely tangy strawberry flavor. 

Realtalk: It tastes like a liquid version of a strawberry starburst candy. It's not too sweet, pretty refreshing, and a wonderful non-dairy option for the summer. 

So, if you hit up Starbucks this summer, ask for the #PinkDrink. Most baristas will know what it is, it is the most popular non-menu item this summer. 

Let me know if you've had one! Hit me up in the comments section! 
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