August 10, 2016

#NashvilleCurves presents Amber Curry!

Welcome back to the Nashville Curves Summer Photo series! I'm so excited that you are excited to know more about these amazing beauties. Each woman selected adds a rich element to Nashville by bringing brains, beauty, and body! Today's featured curvy creative, is Amber Curry. She is a mixture of magic, momentum, and marvelousness. To know Amber is to love her and to love her is to embrace everything she loves about herself. This creative director and hairstylist is manifesting a culture of self-love that's undeniable. From the way she styles hair to the way she curates images, Amber is a force, and you need to know her.

Suit: Rue 107, Garcelle One Piece

Name & Age - Amber Ileene Curry, 32

What do you do and why do you do it? I am a creative director and Freelance Hairstylist. I do it because it's my craft, my passion, my love. I do it because I bring something to the industry that is fresh and innovative and ahead of the curve for women of color and women with multi ethnic hair.

What made you embrace your curves? When did you say, "I'm okay with ME."? I've always been plush as I like to put it. So I think that acceptance has been gradual. My parents always made me feel good about my body and encouraged self-esteem no matter what. Most of my 20s I spent trying to impress and be how I thought folks wanted me to be. My 30s have been all about embracing me and the lacks of fucks I give for folk who think I should be ashamed of my body frame. My goal has always been to be the fiercest in the room period.

How do you deal with mean or backhanded comments from family, friends, or strangers? I don't. I'm pretty outspoken so you can go there if you want but be ready. Just be ready. My body my rules. Eff your body politics! Stop policing black bodies. All of these comments have been left at one point in time or another.

What advice would you give your YOUNGER curvy self? Get naked girl. Let it all hang loose. Rip your shorts when your thighs don't fit! There are no rules and when they tell you there all break them all.

Are curves appreciated in Nashville? I don't really care if they are or not. I appreciate them and as a result expect those around me and in my circles to do the same.

What's your favorite store to shop as and why? (local, online, vintage, etc) Forever 21 locally at Opry Mills mall. It's a whole floor of plus size goodness. Online I currently love Zelie for She, Rue 107, and Rebdolls. I'm all about pushing the limits and being bold in a big body.

Tell us about one item in your closet you'll never let go of?
My Black Leather Kangol hat. Got it in 1997 7th grade. And it just gets better with age I get offered money for it every year when I whip it out for winter and fall. I love hats!

Describe you favorite summer look- A pair of Dee Dee Dukes (I live for short shorts. The shorter the better.) A low cut bodysuit. I am so glad the 90s have returned with a vengeance. Chic flat sandals and A fierce cut on my curls. It's either that or bell-bottoms, a boho crop, no bra (FREE THE NIPPLE) and accouterments as needed.

Hair by Lucy Bell Salon
Where can we find you on the internet (Social Media)? @bespokecurry on IG, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. You can also check out my salon at Lucy Bell Hair Studio on FB and IG
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