May 1, 2017

MY STYLE: When you wear a $60 dress to see Zac Posen

Buy this dress at Belk - Click here
I've attended the Nashville Symphony Fashion Show for the past three years. Every year I stress about what to wear. This is a very FANCY event and one of the marked events on Nashville's social calendar. Listen, attendees SHOW-UP and show out for this event. I love watching the designs, only seen in magazines or on runways, be worn by Nashville's fashionable residents. That's why I'm always a bit intimidated when deciding what to wear to this event.

But thanks to using my gut, I found a cute look for a very low price. Check it:

Dress by Julian Taylor, purchased at K&G Fashion -  purchase here
I scored this adorable cocktail dress from K&G Fashion! I know, right! K&G isn't a store you'd think to shop at for a look. The store is very unassuming and even the website doesn't give you much to go on. But the K&G store in Nashville is plenty large. The selection is  . . . interesting, but you'd have to have a keen eye to find what you want. Luckily, I did the hard work for you. This Julian Taylor dress is available at Belk.

With most of the attendants wearing designer labels, it's crazy to know that I found a cute dress for less than $100. No matter what other's are wearing, as long as you feel comfortable and gorgeous in your look it doesn't matter. That's why I could wear a $50 dress to see one of the best designers of 2017. Never be embarrassed when you know you look your best (and you saved some coins).

photos by Patrick Webster
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