June 13, 2017

MY LIFE: Read my book, 'Jack & Ahlia'

Read Jack and Ahlia here

I started with what I thought would be a short story, but it's become an actual . . . novel. In 30 days, I'm due to have a great work of fiction that explores the complicated relationship of Jack and Ahlia, Jack and Ahlia are best friends, sometimes lovers, business partners, and a complicated pair who may just destroy each other due to their fear and secrets.

Since I quit my job I've had a lot more time to be creative. So, when I was cruising the online streets, I came across a writing challenge, #XD30 created by Blogger and Online Influence, Xavier D'Leau. XD hosts a writing challenge that's as simple as it is difficult. Basically, you write everyday for 30 days. The simple part is you can write WHATEVER you'd like: poem, sonnet, haiku, or short story. The difficult part is writing everyday - LAWD! But, I started the challenge and realized I missed writing fiction.

Check out the chapters on my Tumblr account. I share a new chapter everyday, BUT after the 15th or June, I'll only share an excerpt because I will be publishing and selling this book in August! Yup! I thought I wanted to write a style guide, but whoa, I'm dropping a novel! And, it's good! Give it a read and tell me what you think.

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