April 15, 2014

#NashFashWeek: I thought I lost my camera

Hey reader, I know you were wondering, "Where's FabGlance's Nashville Fashion Week coverage?" Well, FabGlance thought she lost her camera on the last night of the week. 

Seriously? My outfit, seen above, was photographed so many times and I kept taking off my camera to let people get good shots. At one point I received a gift bag (second row status baby! Lol), so I decided to put my heavy camera in that bag. 

I say all that to say, I forgot about that gift bag, forgot I put my camera in there, and inadvertently thought my camera was gone for good. All I had left were 150 blurry iphone photos - and no one wants that! 

So, later this week, expect a full coverage post of Nashville Fashion Week 2014. Until that happens, enjoy my lovely and artistic (read: blurry and edited with awesome filters) iphone photos. :-)
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