August 11, 2016

#NashvilleCurves presents Francheska

We are back with Day 3 of the Nashville Curves photo series. The response, wow, the response has been amazing. I've got loads of questions about the future of this campaign. I'll answer all those questions at the end of the week - believe me, it's going to be pretty exciting! Today's profile is all about the feisty Francheska! This admissions counselor and entrepreneur has an easy breezy style and a chill demeanor. She was an amateur in front of the camera, but became a pro with the first click. Check her out: 

Details: Swim top - Victoria's Secret, Brief - Ashley Stewart, and Kimono - JCPenney
  • Name, Age: Francheska W., 28 years old
  • What do you do and why do you do it? I work as an admissions counselor for a vocational training program. I also have a new drapery and event design company called Exquisite Appeal. During the week, I like teaching young people that there is more than one way to become successful.  If you work hard at what you love, you'll be successful. Now, drapery is something special - it's something I love too! I love transforming a space that was once dull and then bringing it to life with the draping and lighting. The look on clients’ faces when they see the finished product is the real reason I do what I do.

  • What made you embrace your curves? When did you say, "I'm okay with ME."? I have always had curves so embracing them was not a problem but this womanly figure took some getting used to. I would say that in 2014, after I had fibroid surgery, was when I began to feel more comfortable with my beautiful womanly figure. I, then,  realized how strong my body really was. 
  • How do you deal with mean or backhanded comments from family, friends, or strangers? I don't. When I was younger they used to really get me down but I've learned to ignore them for the most part; or use sarcasm. Something along the lines of "maybe its time for you to do some self reflection." Sarcasm is always fun!
  • What advice would you give your YOUNGER curvy self? I would tell my younger self not to be afraid to stand out. It is okay to be different and curvy. Not everyone will like or agree with you and that is okay. Your kind of love is not for everybody!

  • When you were asked to do a bathing suit shoot, what was your first reaction? Me, in a bathing suit for the world to see?! I was terrified!! I am so used to assisting or being behind the scenes instead of being a focal point but I figured "I might as well". Nothing ever comes from being scared - so why not? What’s the worse thing that could happen?
  • Are curves appreciated in Nashville? I think that there is more of a following in Nashville as of lately. I feel that we still have a ways to go but we are off to a great start.
  • What's your favorite store to shop as and why? (local, online, vintage, etc) Locally I shop at Forever 21 and Torrid. I can always find something in these stores. This is where I go when I need something quick. I enjoy Ashley Stewart and Lane Bryant for more sophisticated pieces, swimwear, and bras. But my new favorites are and! I love the clothing they have to offer: dresses and skirts for everybody! They are chic and modern without being corny. Plus, I appreciate that the models they showcase are realistic.

  • Tell us about one item in your closet you'll never let go of? I will never get rid of my black body-con dress because I can always grab it when I have nothing to wear. I can dress it up or keep it casual. I can put on a cute heel (any color - I love heels!) or a pair of tennis shoes. I like to keep it cute for the people!
  • Describe you favorite summer look. My favorite summer look is light and fun. I am really into dresses with tennis shoes - mainly Converse. I also enjoy sandals, crop tops, lace, and just about anything I can see-through.

  • Where can we find you on the internet (Social Media)? You can follow me on Instagram. You can follow my personal instagram, @Franwill25, and follow my professional account @Exquisite.Appeal. People have been pressuring me to get a Snapchat so that might be coming in the near future!

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