October 2, 2013

ONLINE FIND: Flaws of Couture - 'Pretty For a Big Gir'l sweatshirts

Do you follow me on the Instagram? Well you should - @fabglance1!

Anyway, I follow lots of online boutiques and this one, Flaws of Couture, caught my eye. They've recently launched a new collection of crew neck sweatshirts that you have to buy. If you are a plus-size girl, like myself, you've heard (too many times) that, "You're pretty . . . for a big girl". I hate that!

It's like, you don't say that to a slender girl. I've never heard anyone say, "She's pretty for a skinny girl". It's like being plus-size (overweight, fat, plump, etc) negates one from having actual beauty, we can only have contractual beauty. Let me get off my soapbox.

Let's get back to these cute sweatshirts, that take a backhanded compliment and turn it on its side. Just think of all the cute ways you could wear this shirt and make a big statement. Be sure to order TODAY because these are sure to sell out!

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